Making Dreams Come True

Well many of you know, if you follow our story on instagram. Last spring we bought baby chicks and have raised them to be egg layers. From farm to table has always been a desire of ours. This fall we fell in love with a horse rescue For The Love Of A Slaughter Horse. Through that rescue we have been able to adopt an Old Barrel racer in his twenties. A Pinto Pony mini guy in his teens and a 4 month old filly. We are quickly becoming the farm we always thought was but a distant dream. Evans Ranch is the future name you will one day see on wrought iron gates. Can't wait to share more of our journey as it unfolds. This is the Chicken coop we built for the babies. They have since graduated to our Barn for the winter cold. Midwest winters can be brutal. We will be making adjustments this spring to have another coop design. 


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