BWV Personal Styling

Nikki is a personal stylist and professional fashion photographer. Helping women and teen girls create sustainable + vintage wardrobes. Specializing in personal style that feeds the soul and shows confidence in our outward overall appearance.

Nikki believes in breaking all the rules of fast fashion trends and conformity of looking like your peers. Dressing in a more feminine timeless style, saying goodbye to the mom uniform. Building outfits with loved clothes already in your closet and the preloved sustainable buying method. Comfort and effortless chic styles all women and girls can duplicate with the tools and methods Nikki teaches in her styling program.

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Are you ready to tour the thrift stores with the BWV team of expert thrifters. Email to book your one on one or group mentor session. Amazing BWV canvas totes coming soon. We are on a mission to reuse and recycle, to eliminate plastic and waste and further the good of a better earth. 


Become A BWV Style Party or POP UP host!!

Host a style party for your girlfriends. The BWV team will bring a custom garment rack and style your girlfriends on the spot. We believe in the lost art of child's play "Always play dress up". All hosts will receive BWV shop credit depending on how much your friends spend. Encourage friends to bring clothing donations for additional shop credit. Clothing swaps are welcome. 

Interested in shop collaborations and local PopUP shopping events + Group Style Workshops email the team